Cutting IT costs has never been easier.

Virtualization, one of the most profound IT developments, has changed the structure and functionality of today’s datacenters with respect to productivity, leveragability, and management.

Virtualization is revolutionizing how IT designs and manages a modern datacenter as well as how your employees can use that datacenter more productively. Omega Systems utilizes VMware’s virtualization solution, allowing your business to consolidate servers and reduce the amount of related IT-needed hardware. This solution drastically lowers your hardware, power, cooling and management costs. Virtualization simplifies the management of your IT operations, and with automated processes, your administrators can spend less time performing repetitive tasks, such as provisioning, configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

Virtualization allows you to:

  • Maximize your current resources Consolidating your servers allows you to combine infrastructure resources and break the traditional model of only having one application per server.
  • Increase availability of hardware and applications Securely backs up and migrates entire virtual environments without interruptions in service. This improves business continuity by eliminating planned downtime and immediately recovering from unplanned issues.
  • Improve operational flexibility and responsiveness Dynamically scales to respond to unpredictable market changes and user demands. The ability to provision servers faster allows administrators to spend more time focusing on business needs.
  • Take the first step on the path to cloud computing Virtualizing your infrastructure is the beginning of the journey toward the cloud. Cloud computing provides additional cost savings and results in a zero-touch infrastructure with full automation across the board.